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Re: Lost 5x05: "This Place is Death"

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Referring to Lostpedia for The Temple: Ben said it's 1.5 days walk from the Barracks, and a map showed it to the northwest. This would not put it in Dark Territory. Of course sometimes they give directions that seem to indicate the Swan is on the north side and the Barracks are on the south side of the Island, inverting the blast door map. That always confused me.
I wouldn't put much stock in where things are supposed to be. For instance, you can infer like three different locations for The Staff based on past episodes. I think that's why we've never been shown anything concrete.

And before you come after me with the Blast Door Map, that's not completely trustworthy either. First of all, it's not to scale at all. Second, who the hell knows how trustworthy Kelvin and Radzinsky are?
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