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Re: Lost 5x05: "This Place is Death"

Oh yeah, and Locke goes down to the Donkey Wheel and meets Christian! I didn't know he was gonna be in the episode. I guess we know for sure he's intangible now. I gotta say the production values on the malfunctioning Donkey Wheel were a little silly looking. It was just "off-axis"? He just had to give it a nudge? Felt a little anti-climactic. Man, what is it with a) Locke getting leg injuries, and b) anyone getting into the Donkey Wheel Chamber getting an injury?

Interesting to see that the time flash energy was literally emanating from the Donkey Wheel. Though I guess that shouldn't be a huge surprise.

So, was anyone surprised that Hawking was Faraday's Mother?

I wonder who Charlotte's parents were. Horace Goodspeed and wife, perhaps? But they were American. Of course, Faraday's parents were Brits and he grew up American so go figure!
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