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Re: Lost 5x05: "This Place is Death"

3.5/4 Yet another excellent episode!

The best sequence was seeing Rousseau's team get taken down by Cerebus. YEAH! Plus, now we FINALLY learned what the Sickness was. Cerebus grabbed her team and dragged them down to the Temple (which we finally get to see!!!) and then they became little acolytes of the Island, either that or just plain ole Others. Also, we learned that the purpose of Cerebus is to guard the Temple specifically. My initial theory? The Temple is the "brain" of the Island, the center of its intelligence. This is interesting since I previously thought the most important locations were the Swan and Orchid as two sources of exotic energy.

I really hope we get to see more Rousseau stuff. I want to see the Others taking Alex. Of course, since the black smoke column was in the sky when Jin watched her kill her husband, I guess they were going to be showing up at any mo then. Also still waiting on an explanation for how she knew Ben and caught him in "One of Them".

Charlotte was definitely my least favorite freighter character so I'm not sad to see her go. And her big huge secret was... she was a Dharma kid? That's it? Really? Disappointing. It was interesting that she didn't remember Faraday's childhood visit to her until the moment of her death. She confirms that Desmond isn't the only one who magically remembers time travel events at the moment of relative occurance, it's everyone. This is a nice little loophole for why characters don't already know the time travel hijinks about to happen!

The O6 plot just kinda there as always but it was thankfully brief. How convenient that Penny wasn't with Des when he bumped into Ben! I'm a little disappointed there wasn't any ending cliffhanger.
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