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Agent Richard07
Re: Lost 5x05: "This Place is Death"

^ A lot of people are saying that the show isn't character-centric anymore, but according to statements made by the show runners, the writers and a few actors, the episodes are still character-centric. We may not have flashbacks throughout the episode anymore, but so far, 3 out of the 4 aired episodes have had a single flashback at the beginning of the teaser with the featured character.

As for who's episode this is, I don't know, and neither does any online source I could find, which is a first. In fact, the two people who wrote this one have said in a recent interview that it's hard to tell who's epsiode it is. The banners I make are supposed to indicate who's episode it is, but I had to put "The Losties" there because of the lack of information, and under the assumption that this one, like the season premiere isn't going to focus on a single character. When I was digging around though, it was assumed that this would be a "Charlotte" or a "Rousseau" episode. Also, Daniel Dae Kim has been making the rounds, doing a lot of interviews and press, so I also got to thinking that this could be a "Jin & Sun" episode. Guess we'll find out tonight.
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