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Re: Lost SPOILERS Frozen Donkey Wheel!

From DarkUFO:

One of the biggest mysteries of "Lost" _ the Smoke Monster _ will be unveiled on the popular TV drama, and soon.

Actor Daniel Dae Kim, who plays Jin, said in an interview that the origin and nature of the malevolent dark cloud will be disclosed and viewers will even get a glimpse of its lair. Turns out the monster is as "old as the island" that's been home to the Oceanic jet-crash survivors and their foes.
Could this be coming tonight? That's the thought I had when I viewed the second sneak peek from above. How cool is this episode going to be if they feel a scene like that is mundane enough for a sneak peek?

There's also the rule that they don't take Smokey off the shelf unless we learn something new about it, so I have high hopes for tonight!
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