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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

The Cloud (**)

I have very mixed feelings about this episode for several reasons. On the one hand it does address Voyager's energy problems which are serious enough that Janeway has to give up coffee, but then Tom and Harry go and mess around in the holodeck. The term cognitive dissonance comes to mind. I also like how a lot of this episode focuses on character scenes and this episode really makes Voyager feel like a true ensemble show, but the scenes aren't that well written some some lines sound incredibly cheesy. The cloud story is superfluous for most of the episode which I think is a good thing, but then the final 15 minutes focuses on some technobabble stuff they are doing to save the cloud, and that gets boring fast.

"There's coffee in that nebula" is a line often used to sum up Voyager, but this episode has two lines which I think do this much better. First there's the Doctor's "Why pretend we're going home at all, all we're going to do is investigate every cubic millimetre of this quadrant, aren't we?" And secondly here is Neelix with this unusually insightful comment "You don't care a great deal about your crew and introduce them to the spectre of death at every opportunity."

Here is an idea I've just had, Neelix shouldn't have been so incompetent and his anger at Janeway's decision making should have built as time went by and crew-members started to die. He senses disquiet among some of the crew and begins to lead a mutiny against Janeway's command. Many Maquis join this mutiny and Chakotay is forced to choose between his people and his captain. There could have been a good number of stories on this subject, but by the end of this episode Neelix tucks his tail between his legs (does he have a tail?) and bows down to the mighty Janeway.

I guess there is already a show for people like me and it is called Battlestar Galactica.

Torpedo count: 1/38. I'll probably forget about this, but I'm going to try and keep track of it. Voyager officially jumps the shark at torpedo 39.
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