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Re: Happy Birthday ~ Ethan Phillips

A belated Happy Birthday to Ethan Phillips. Just watched Rise! on Skiffy last night... Neelix's interactions with Tuvok were always my favorite character development moments of his, and I agree with Daneel that he brought quite a bit more subtlety to Neelix than he generally gets credit for.

That said, I had an experience with him that was less than open, fanwise. I recall being at the opening day of Star Trek: The Experience on opening day and he was one of the invited guests. We were walking out of the SpaceQuest Casino into the rest of the hotel and passed him going the other way. He spotted us wearing combadges and although he was at a Trek-themed event walking toward one of the Trekkiest environments on the face of the Earth, he didn't seem ready for a fannish encounter at just that moment. His eyes widened for a second as he recognized our combadges and then he tucked his face into the shoulder of his female companion and hurried past us head bowed "avoid the paparazzi"-style. I called back over my shoulder after he'd passed, "Relax, dude... you're just Neelix."
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