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Re: S.S. Enterprise UEV-47

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Hey thanks for the replies everyone. This is probably one of my favorite ships. Maybe because we know so little about it.

1. But as for the story behind it I'm one of those that doesn't consider Enterprise part of Star Trek. So this ship would be in the place that the NX-01 is. So if you want to consider this my own little trekiverse then that's fine.

But anyway, this ship exists around 2150s through the Romulan War(I'm also working on a story about this) and the founding of the Federation. This ship is later donated to the newly founded Federation and became the U.S.S. Enterprise XCV-330 matching the registery seen in TMP. XCV possibly means eXChange Vehicle. A designation given to vessels donate to the Federation.

Warp technology in this version is not as primitive as in ENT. The Vulcans didnít hold Earth back. Vulcan ships engines arenít round, theyíre like those on First Contact. The round engines are Earth technology.

The second captain of this ship is Captain Jonathan Stiles ancestor of the Lieutenant Stiles of the TOS episode Balance of Terror. The first captain isnít decided yet but Stiles is the main character.
Sounds fine to me, I've seen speculative service dates for the Jefferies Class around 2143 so 2150's would fit nicely too. So is she around Warp 6 or 7 on the TOS scale?

I know you don't consider Enterprise canon but the Vulcans managed rather well with Warp 7 ringships. I could see this ship being the Earth equivalent.
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