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Re: 24 - Day 7: 3:00PM - 4:00PM: Discussion and Spoilers

Base_Delta_Zero wrote: View Post
Whether you believe that or not, the show makers are obviously putting it forward. Just because "We Can" and change is here doesn't mean fictional entertainment like 24 has to fall into lockstep behind left-leaning ideologies.
Being opposed to torture is not just left-leaning ideology nor should it be (John McCain and the many veterans groups that oppose it are all left-leaning?), it has nothing to do with Obama (the groups that wrote the producers to ask them to dial it back did so before Obama was ever on the scene as a presidential candidate), and you seem to have completely missed my point.

I can deal with the torture on the show just fine despite my being opposed to it in real life, I just don't like the extra step they've taken this season of adding people who vocally oppose it but then either compromise their beliefs at the drop of a hat or are depicted as naive and ineffectual for having them.

It's taking a leap from just depicting torture as part of that universe (an effective part - unlike in real life where it's completely unreliable) to indirectly criticizing those who politely raised legitimate concerns with the producers by contacting them.

LutherSloan wrote: View Post
I'm also becoming more and more convinced that the traitor in the White House is.....

The Chief of Staff. He has been the most gung-ho about calling off the Sangala invasion, and he has always been involved in the biggest decisions in the White House.
That's why he's too obvious, though. He's a misdirect. Plus, he seemed to legitimately not know anything about Henry Taylor's kidnapping or Agent Gedge being a traitor even when he was by himself and had no reason to show confusion or lie.

I think it's either the National Security Advisor(?) (the guy who played Bill Garnier in 'Band of Brothers') because he's remained low-key, has access to all the intel and communications, and opposed the Sangala invasion, or it'll just be Jon Voight (who we already know is a bad guy) when he comes back.

Have they mentioned President Taylor's VP at all? I don't recall. Hopefully they won't be a bad guy after the string of villainous or asshole VPs and Presidents they've had on the series.
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