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Re: Frakes - Keeping In Touch

What I'd like to see - maybe direct-to-DVD, since I don't think another theatrical Next Generation release is in the cards - is the cast sitting around the poker table for an hour and a half or so, ad-libbing in character and playing a hand every so often. One plus would be that the low lighting and green eyeshade would hide Data's face a bit, so Spiner wouldn't mind participating so much. (In fact I wouldn't have minded if "All Good Things..." had consisted of just the poker scenes, extended. Who really needed all that contrivance?)

[Fun fact: Frakes, as a teenager in the mid-1960s, was an orthodontic patient of my dad's, in Bethlehem, PA. My dad is old-school with respect to advertising - that is, he won't stoop to the level of competitors who are doing so - but nonetheless I once half-jokingly suggested to him (around the time of First Contact) that he get Frakes to do an endorsement, perhaps on a billboard.]
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