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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Heh, I watched the entire series from beginning to end last year when I was just 17, and loved it. All the people I know who like Voyager are teenagers.

So, I don't see an validity in the notion that you like it better when you grow up.

anyway. I appreciate Voyager for all of its allegories and philosohical words of wisdom and ethical dilemmas...though I quickly discovered that that is the entire underlying thread of Star Trek- exploring humanity and whatnot.

And, once I started watching other series like TNG or TOS, I had to get used to the fact that the Enterprise could contact Starfleet for backup at almost any time. After being Trek-trained(as I call it) on Voyager, it was weird to realize that the starships could take a couple of days to swing by earth.

I think Voyager is superior in that way; they can't just call up Starfleet, they're all alone and must achieve their goal without anyone's help. Plus, the entire run of the show was about getting home, so it was all very driven.

For that reason, I find the other series to be a wee bit less inspiring.

Although, Emissary is, out of all five series, the best pilot episode.
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