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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Phage (****)

This is an episode I was worried about because I knew it was going to focus on Neelix, but I found it quite enjoyable. The Doctor begins to develop a personality and there is a good odd-couple vibe going on between him and Neelix. The Doctor also manages to throw in some good one-liners.

Neelix still hasn’t managed to annoy me, surprisingly enough. I do wonder exactly how he managed to build his galley overnight without getting authorisation, but the idea that Voyager needs to adapt like this is a good one that seems to get dropped at some point.

I have always enjoyed the Vidiians since they are very sympathetic villains and certainly not your usual Trek aliens. How can we judge them for wanting to survive? Would we stoop to harvesting people’s organs if the same thing happened to us? I like Janeway’s speech at the end where she comes to realise that she cannot do anything to stop them because of the situation Voyager is in, this does help separate this show from TNG and DS9 where the Vidiians would doubtlessly be arrested and brought to trial.

A solid instalment.
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