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Re: Nimoy, Quinto - Spock Comparison

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for people who don't think Quinto or Pine (or anyone else, for that matter) aren't good matches for Spock and Kirk, I urge you to watch Oliver Stone's Nixon (in which Anthony Hopkins plays the title role). it's all in the acting and, at this point, I'm spending my time hoping that Pine and Quinto do well on that score more than anything else.
You would compare Quinto or Pine to Anthony Hopkins? Is this a joke?
And I believe you totally missed the point intranee was making.

Intranee, as far as i understood, was not comparing Quinto with Hopkins acting wise. Not even close.

The point was that Hopkins' appearance match with the real Nixon was irrelevant because he managed through his acting to nail the part and make any superficial inaccuracies irrelevant.

In the same manner, any sort of appearance dissimilarities of Quinto and Pine with the TOS stars will be rendered irrelevant, if they manage through their acting to convince us that they are Kirk and Spock or rather their young versions).
Thank you (and thanks to Lashmore as well).

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