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Bendis' Powers to Become a TV Show ?

FX seem to be interested.

Sick of Heroes' soap opera and lack of depth? The network behind The Shield and Nip/Tuck is coming to save you, with a new series based on Brian Bendis and Mike Oeming's comic book Powers.

Mixing police procedural with superheroes, Powers manages to explore the traditions (and cliches) of comic book superheroes in a way that Heroes has never quite accomplished (instead, the NBC drama mostly chooses to imitate them. Especially if they're old X-Men comics), and just may be the superpowered TV show you've always waited for.
Now, just don't take the superpowered characters' powers away randomly and you'll be on to a winner.

Bendis is responsible for one of my all-time favourite lines in comic books - "Listen up, bitchcakes. I'm Jessica Drew and what you just got a faceful of was my spider-bite. Where the fuck is Mattie Franklin?" and one of my favourite panels too (think New Avengers #31 - "Is that a Skrull ? That's a Skrull. Elektra's a Skrull ? Elektra's a fucking SKRULL !?!?)
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