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Re: Nimoy, Quinto - Spock Comparison

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Noone is neglecting anything. They are two young actors, at the beginning of their career.
Before we condemn them, lets see how they will do at their parts in Trek XI and in other future parts.

They don't need to be Anthony Hopkins level of age and ability to pull of Kirk and Spock in any case.
I'm not condemning them nor am I saying that Spock or Kirk should only be played by the very best. What I said was that Anthony Hopkins was always more distinguished than both Quinto and Pine, even when he was young. He stood out as a great actor even when he was just an understudy, as I indicated in my previous post. This makes the comparison one of categorical error.
Once again, noone was comparing Hopkins' acting skills with Quinto's and Pine's.
It was just a simple analogy about a situation, based on one particular role Hopkins played where acting made appearance not matter.

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All I'm trying to say is that neither Quinto nor Pine strike me as being very distinct or interesting and I'm concerned they will come across as bland.
Your concern may be a valid one.
Personally, I can't judge them because I've never seen Pine in anything and I've only seen Quinto play Sylar where he did a pretty good job. At least back in season 1 when the writers knew what they were doing with his character.

I guess we'll see. For the time being I'm placing my faith in Abrams and his casting team to have done a good job.
Hopefully that faith will not have been misplaced.

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