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Re: Nimoy, Quinto - Spock Comparison

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for people who don't think Quinto or Pine (or anyone else, for that matter) aren't good matches for Spock and Kirk, I urge you to watch Oliver Stone's Nixon (in which Anthony Hopkins plays the title role). it's all in the acting and, at this point, I'm spending my time hoping that Pine and Quinto do well on that score more than anything else.
You would compare Quinto or Pine to Anthony Hopkins? Is this a joke? Anthony Hopkins is a classically trained, acadamy award winning actor who plays in a very different league to these two newbies and always has done. To my knowledge neither Quinto nor Pine have ever really played a demanding or distinguishing role in their life. They are totally untested. Some people gush over these actors as if they were the bees knees. However, I just cannot see what's so special about them? For crying out loud, they could have had Matt Damon for Kirk. An opportunity they tossed out the window. For what? Because he's a few years older than when Kirk first made captain? Ludicrous.
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