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Re: Braga On 'Star Trek: Enterprise'

I think we're being a bit harsh here people.

Although there is vehement disdain for Enterprise in some quarters, I for one, enjoyed it. If there was a weakness to Enterprise it was that it didn't distinguish itself from the earlier series' in enough meaningful ways. At the same time, I challenge anyone to write for a television show every week (not including films etc.) for over fifteen years and not become a bit stagnant. For all the griping about the writers of Trek, very few of us will ever be good enough to even get hired for a show, much less sustain it for more than a decade.

As far as the finale, I do understand what Braga is saying. Conceptually, a television show spanning TNG through ENT is an awesome idea (much like the potential for Generations). It is merely unfortunate that the idea didn't translate onto the television screen.

Braga (and Berman) provided many great hours and years of Star Trek. Meybe it's time we started being thankful for the hundreds of hours of entertainment with which we have been provided rather than vilifying those who did their best to bring it to us. Of course, I guess JJ Abrams will soon be joining the ranks of the hated for adding another film to our viewing lives . . .
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