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Re: Vessel dimensions & masses

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I've really got to get that German translation by JvP.
Just make absolutely certain that you get the 1980 "Playboy Film" edition (which includes a foreward by von Puttkamer) and not the 1992 Heyne edition which was translated by Andreas Brandhorst.

And then have endless headaches trying to figure out what it says.
If I may recommend this book and a good dictionary, you should be able to get a sufficiently strong grasp of the language within, say, three months if you devote about 30 minutes a day to the exercises. After that you can also read the unadulterated version of JvP's The 23rd Century: A Vision for Star Trek reprinted as Chapter 30 in his Der erste Tag der neuen Welt (Umschau Verlag, 1981).

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