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Re: If You Could Re-Imagine the Constitution-Class Refit...

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I love the past, present & all the other Connie designs that fellow fans have done, but I strongly believe that things need to have a total overall as every now & again as things must be reinvented or they must & will meet a slow death.
No, they just need writers and producers to avoid falling into formulaic and cliched plotlines, and to remain creative. And this reboot is frankly just dime a dozen, what with all the recent remakes coming out recently and in the near future.
I do think it should have been more like the 60's version, but when compared to any other recent sci-fi show or movie would look way to old.
That's why you use this modern CGI capability we have now to modernize the existing design and make it more realistic, not redesign it based off of '50s vintage cars and change a good chunk of the show on a whim. But this is the argument for another thread.

As for the person who designed the new Enterprise was Ryan Church who also designed the Arc-170, Venator-Class Star Destroyer & most the concept art work for Star Wars Ep II & III. Also he may have done the Tripods from the new "War of the Worlds".
Again, JJ Abrams is the man in charge, he gave Ryan Church the direction to go in, and approved the final design, making JJ Abrams ultimately responsible for the design. No one has said Abrams designed it himself, most of us know who put the actual pen to paper, but artists don't just draw up whatever the hell the feel like, they get directions from the producer(s).
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