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He really is so much more than a pretty boy model wanna be actor. I love this clip of him from Supernatural where he barely says anything much. It's a scene of him reacting to his father talking to him for the last time in life, which Dean doesn't know at the time but he's picking up that something is very, very wrong. It's the quiet scenes without much dialogue that prove whether an actor has the chops or not, and this guy has the chops. The amazing thing is that his shots and JDM's shots weren't shot at the same time. He's reacting to nothing. Even without context the scene never fails to make me cry. It's beautifully scored.

A father's last talk
Damn, I'm a sucker for father/son relationships.

Powerfully acted scene. Dean's "Why?" does not look remotely like "acting".

I finally watched a full episode two weeks ago. Show definitely has some depth. It was the episode about the ghost of the kid haunting the school. The scene near the end, where the ghost inhabits the little girl and then after appearing all innocent looking, attacks (the other brother, not Dean).

That scene actually creeped me out. That has not happened to me since the X-Files left the air.

Now I'm thinking of getting the DVD's.
you know, aside from being shot in Vancouver and being creepy, this show definitely reminds me of TXF (and I'm an old time Phile).

yes, I completely agree about the show having depth.

hey Dorian, you got any clips around where Dean's hopping mad and showing that phenomenal rage within? if so, please post. I'd appreciate it deeply.
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