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Re: Braga On 'Star Trek: Enterprise'

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we knew 'Star Trek' would be off television for a long, long time
Yeah, partly because you and your sorry associates killed it.


"I don't know [what I would have done,] because at the time I thought it was very cool
And this was a big part of the problem.

They didn't actually know what was good ST anymore, so we got VOY, ENT, INS and NEM.

I could have done it forever
Thank god you weren't allowed to. If the abovementioned abortions are anything to go by, your time was WAY up.

part of him is sad to see someone else in charge. "My analogy with 'Star Trek' is I divorced my wife, I love her dearly, she's with a great guy, and I'm so happy for her," he explained. "At the same time, in the back of mind, someone else is with my wife. That's how I feel. I can't help but feel emotionally attached to 'Star Trek.'
So ST is your wife, who is a guy, that you felt compelled to divorce, but you still love but now somebody else is fucking your wife who is a guy and a tv show.

For fuck's sake......if that's how you, as a writer present clear analogies, it's no wonder ST-post DS9 turned out as the shit it was and "Threshold" was cancelled.

Go get a trade or do something useful, like volunteer with old folks.
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