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Re: If You Could Re-Imagine the Constitution-Class Refit...

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JJ may have signed off, but he still didn't design her. I remember a bonus part on Star Wars Ep III DVD where George Lucas stamped the concepts of which he felt would work best for General Grievous. I believe JJ would have done the same processes with all the new Enterprise concepts & until someone shows JJ actually designing her himself then I think we should all stop blaming him for how she looks.
Uh, no, he's still responsible for how the ship looks, because he set the direction and approved the final design. He might not have drawn her up himself, but he told the person who did what he was looking for and approved what was drawn up - he is responsible for how the ship was designed.

Look at the bigger picture & stop trying to wish the 2009 design style was the 1966 Tos or 1979 TMP Connie as design styles change, like with music groups such as The Madness are still enjoyed, but would we really like to hear the same style which is quite bad when compared to today's artists.
No one even brought that up, but once again I love how there's no in between with some people - it either has to completely redone or exactly as it was in the '60s.
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