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I'd have had her get assimilated by the Borg, then later rescued and deassimilated...only the Borg would have left her with an icy, dominatrix-like personality, and certain "Borg implants" in the chest area if you catch my drift. She'd have ditched the name "Kes" and been known only by a Borg designation. The Doc would have pined for her, Kim would have had the hots but given up rather quickly, but in the end she'd have randomly been in a thing with Chakotay out of left field.

Man, it would have been awesome.
I have to disagree here. That would have been character destruction. It was bad enough with that silly Borg Queen in TNG, wimpering around Picard like some lovesick schoolgirl. The Borg Queen was one of the nails in the Borg coffin.

As for Kes, I think she is a fascinating and interesting character as she is. No need to change that.

In fact, Seven would have been better as a Borg queen (but not wimpy as the original one). They should have gone for that solution for about two seasons, with Seven as Voyager's nemesis. Then she could have ben captured and became the Seven we did see in the later seasons, the one who tried to become human ahgain.
I knew you'd come out and be tweaked by this, no matter how obviously I was kidding. But despite your deep and abiding love of this character who was an airball from day one, the creator of Kes, the actor who played Kes and the studio people who signed both their checks did all agree that Kes either had to be radically altered somehow or get the boot. All kidding aside, I wonder if a story arc where we lost a regular to the Borg for a while and got them back might have been an interesting alternate take on the territory explored with Seven. Kes would still have been out due to stuff going on with the actress, at least for a while, but the possibilities are intriguing.
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