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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

I didn't care for VOY all that much upon watching it the first time either. I began watching it in re-runs not long after the series ended (or thereabouts) and really started to see it in a new light. I enjoy VOY much more now.

I thought "Caretaker" was an excellent opening to this series. As far as enjoyment goes, I think VOY and TNG had two of the better series openers.

One thing I found odd is the tech-talk when we first see Voyager, especially the focus on the bio-neural gel-packs. It just seemed completely out of place and irrelevant; imagine Scotty speaking a whole load of technobabble to Kirk during the Enterprise fly-by in TMP.
The technobabble could definitely get heavy at times. I think the series would have been a little more approachable if they had laid off it more throughout.
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