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Re: Should the USAF take over incompetent NASA?

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Hell, one thing no Air Force pilot would even attempt is to land a jet plane on an aircraft carrier!!! The Navy does it everyday and does a damned good job of it.

Do you know what I call landing on a carrier JPicard ?

Good parallel parking!!
Taken any pilot from the USMC or USAF, just because they all don't land on your ships every single day doesn't mean they are not great pilots. They could be twice the pilots of some of your Navy buddies. You Navy boys are always hyping up landing on a carrier like it was the greatest thing the human race ever did. I admire it as a great skill but don't hype it up to be something it ain't, it just means he's good at parking his airplane down. It doesn't necessarily mean they are the greatest pilots and it certainly doesn't mean these guys can fly to Mars and back.
Hardly. Did you know that it was US Navy pilots who chased and photographed a never before seen MiG in 1990? They had their F-14's maxed out and almost violated Soviet airspace to get those photos. Also, carrier landings take place in the lousiest weather at times, meaning snow covered flight decks or when the ship is pitching and rolling very violently. As I've said many times in this thread, your knowledge of the different branches is sadly lacking.

Also, you've brought up ZERO supporting information as to why NASA should be run by the Air Force.

While we're at it, what makes you the authority on how NASA is so "incompetent"?
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