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I don't see how keeping Kes would have been any worse than keeping Harry. I mean, really, did he have any interesting character traits? Did he do anything significant over the course of the 7 seasons? Absolutely not. The problem with Kes - and many, many other characters in the VOY/ENT era - is that the writers never took the time to make them interesting, multi-faceted people. Janeway, the Doctor, B'Elanna and eventually Seven of Nine received a lot of character development. Chakotay, Tuvok, Harry, Tom, Kes and Neelix? Pretty underdeveloped, if you ask me.

The most interesting bits of Kes were were developing mental powers, and her Ocampan life cycle. If Kes had made it to the seventh season, there would have been the potential for some interesting stories about her impending death, and whether or not the crew would try to find a way to save her. There could have been some great drama involving the Doctor struggling to find a way to prolong her life because he doesn't want her to die.
Personally I find Kes's personality the most interesting with the character. She's nice and friendly but also smart, brave and curious.

One interesting ability is her way to overcome obstacles by simply moving around them and attack them from another angle, just like she did in "Resolutions" when she persuaded Tuvok to go back after Janeway and Chakotay. When Kim tried the same thing, Tuvok almost had him face a court-martial.

Or in "Jetrel" when Neelix is blaming himself for being a coward who deserted from the army. Kes asks him what the punishment for deserting was and Neelix replies "death". Kes then asks him how he could see himself as a coward when he actually risked his life for something he believed in, in this case the refusal to participate in a war he didn't want any part of.

I agree that her mental abilities are exciting as well (at least they were until "The Gift" when they became ridiculous but there was a reason for that). However, the lifespan was silly and didn't make any sense. No species with such a short lifespan could develope to anything more than a primate.

I do have a feeling that those in charge were about to prolong her lifespan in some way. There were hints for that, most notably in "Cold Fire". It would have saved them from a make-up problem. It's easy to create a Klingon, talaxian or Vidiian with the help of make-up but people made to look old actually look terrible. It looks artificial in some way, more like the result of some disease than real aging.
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