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Re: What if Kes had stayed instead and...

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No. I'm only pointing out the obvious.

Well, they didn't have much of a plan for the other characters either, as we could see in the later seasons of the show.

As for Kes, she was never dull. I could easily point out 8-10 dull, or at least rather bland Star Trek characters and Kes is not among them.

Kes was smart and brave. In a way a complement to more standard female action characters like Janeway, Torres and Seven.
Maybe to you, not to me.

Kes was the the dullest main cast member of any Trek I've seen, especially if they weren't going to explore her aging or abilities. Smart and brave can also describe the family dog, I don't find that special. Harry atleast made for a good victim character & Wang could read technobabble like a champ.
My statement stands. Kes is a great character and there are characters who are much more dull than her.

By the way, how come you only post in Kes threads?
I post in many forums all over the entire board, you already know this because you've been a member here just as long as I have. Why do you worship her like a God?

I don't question where you post, do I?
Don't go digging for trouble, Lynx.
A Tiger doesn't loose sleep over the opinion of sheep.

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