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Re: Stargazer question

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The Stargazer series is filled with things that suggest a lot of people at first didnt think Picard should be in command. That one admiral(i forget his name) was always trying to find things to get Picard out of command. It was kinda like an 80s cartoon show where the bad guy is always trying to win and the good guy seems to slip through everytime. I wish they would continue though cause i was hooked on them when they were all out, but they just sorta ended. I was sad they didnt even get to jack Crusher!
I believe the last part of the "Double Helix" series that ran through the TNG books (IIRC, #51-56?), was a tale aboard the Stargazer and Jack Crusher has a role in it. Hopefully Pocket Books and MJF get together and do a few more books somewhere down the line...
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