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Re: What if Kes had stayed instead and...

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If kes had stayed, Voyager probably would have been canceled after the 4th season. She would have brought the show down with her.
That statement is downright ridiculous. I also find it provocative.

As a matter of fact, the only time you show up here is to write some nasty and provoking one-line comment about Kes and/or Jennifer Lien.

This is called trolling. Now that might be allowed on the forum but I don't think it is allowed here.

That is a very interesting idea but Jennifer Lien would have screwed it up because of her poor acting abilities
Jennifer Lien's acting abilities gave her an important role in the highly rewarded movie "American History X". That's more thhan many other Star trek actors have achieved.
Josh_Lyman: Please read the board rules particularly the sections on trolling if you wish to continue posting here.

Lynx: Please leave the modding to the mods.

Any comments to pm.
I'm certainly less inclined to bash Voyager now, it is not nearly as bad a show as many people make it out to be. - TheGodBen

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