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Re: Should the USAF take over incompetent NASA?

Allyn Gibson wrote: View Post
NASA actually did propose a Mars mission after Apollo. But Nixon wasn't a fan of NASA -- he liked the astronauts as a propaganda point, but that was it -- and when presented with the shuttle plan, he approved that only because it didn't dismantle the space program. (Here's a good summary.)
Thanks, very interesting link

Squiggyfm wrote: View Post

And they're SLOW. In the 1800+ days they've been looking at stuff they've traveled just over 4.6 miles. We're not going to learn much about Mars if we've traveling just over .0001 mph.
I think the Rovers are great, they are good at the science, checking the composition of rocks without risk etc but they have done little to inspire the imagination of people. Over 150 million Americans watched Apollo live as well as almost a billion people across the world, it just proves manned flight is a far more powerful political triumph. How many people watch NASA's recent Phoenix mission, even if you count up all the online hits it only adds to a few thousand that's how many. The silly robot couldn't figure out how to lift a bunch of dirt into the sample tray, the robot lander also had a fault, its now kaput, totally useless. The Soviets also sent a Rover to the Moon back in the 70s called Lunokhod-One but nobody was interested in looking at a machine. It was a political flop, people around the world were more interested in watching Armstrong and Buzz and people like John Young driving his MoonBuggy. If the Chinese want to prove the American dream risen and set they would land a Chinaman on Mars before the United States, that will prove the Chinese dominance.

John Picard wrote: View Post

Your entire rationale is unsound and full of fail. As was pointed out above, the Air Force can't even handle its own procurement without problems.
Really? and what should the USAF be building if not X-planes and Raptors. I suppose you think they should be building 20 Billion dollar Nimitz Carriers? We have enough ships named after Republican Presidents JPicard
Thank you very much.
I suppose you won't rest until your Virginia boys bill the US tax payer for another 11 of those and name one after the moronic son of G. H. W. Bush.

John Picard wrote: View Post
If you had any clue about maritime life then you'd know why the Navy plays a vital role with NASA.
Tell me how? If the Navy produces pilots or scientists for NASA then that's great JPicard .
However the US Navy's role with NASA ain't as vital as it used to be.
We haven't experienced an Apollo style splashdown landing since the 1970s
if its that radar support stuff your talking about you don't need a $1.2 billion dollar frigate to pick up chatter all you need is a cheap radar dish on some island in the Pacific and a guy next to it,
or even better you need nothing we don't have already just an unmanned satellite which can just re-direct the signal home when astronauts are out of view.

John Picard wrote: View Post
Hell, one thing no Air Force pilot would even attempt is to land a jet plane on an aircraft carrier!!! The Navy does it everyday and does a damned good job of it.

Do you know what I call landing on a carrier JPicard ?

Good parallel parking!!
Taken any pilot from the USMC or USAF, just because they all don't land on your ships every single day doesn't mean they are not great pilots. They could be twice the pilots of some of your Navy buddies. You Navy boys are always hyping up landing on a carrier like it was the greatest thing the human race ever did. I admire it as a great skill but don't hype it up to be something it ain't, it just means he's good at parking his airplane down. It doesn't necessarily mean they are the greatest pilots and it certainly doesn't mean these guys can fly to Mars and back.

CuttingEdge100 wrote: View Post
Not a good idea to militarize space...
Space always had that military connection, what changed in the 60s was the Outer Space Treaty which got nations of the globe to sign up to prevent the weaponization of space

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