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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

Thanks for the support guys. Hopefully I'll watch the next episode tonight.

I used to think that Caretaker was the best pilot, but I rewatched Emissary when I bought the DS9 some years back and it really grew on me. Part of it is because I love the characters on DS9 so much, but the personal story about Sisko having to overcome his grief was quite powerful and has became more relatable to me over the last few years.

As for being a hater, that was just to get people to look at the thread. I'm not fond of Voyager and I tend to make fun at its expense but I don't hate the show, I was just disappointed by it. Watching Caretaker last night reminded me how solid a beginning this show had, and it reminded me of how I felt when I first started watching Voyager. It made me feel bad that this show didn't reach its potential.
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