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Re: A Hater Revisits Voyager

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One thing I found odd is the tech-talk when we first see Voyager, especially the focus on the bio-neural gel-packs.
I agree. I always thought that this was supposed to end up being a bigger plot point. I think it would have been device to have the gel packs be responsible for the ships slow emergence into sentience, with the Doctor as it's personality.

Of course like most things with Voyager, they decided to go with the easy way out and make a magic holo-emitter. That's still the missed opportunity of Voyager to me. Every time they had the opportunity to write something challenging and interesting, they wimped out and wrote something easy or ratings-inducing, whether it was scarce supplies (they weren't), a contentious Maquis crew (they were almost never shown) or a Doctor who isn't really alive (oh wait, he magically is!).
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