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Re: Danny DeVito as a Ferengi. Would've been AWESOME! Still probable?

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Why the overkill on the smileys and tags?
In your post, you have a shitload of smileys, several of which are irritatingly mixed into your words. Also, you have a lot of, a few of which make no sense in connect to your post.

Thanks for the tip(s) Broccoli

I figured if TrekBBS has these things available for we aficionados to use, why not make good use of themAs we should yes?

Why let all those smileys & tag limits go to waste sitting unused up in them thar hills?

Where's the fun, &/or the point, in that?

Now that the issue(s) of alleged smiley/tag over-application has been addressed & is now water under the bridge:

Broccoli, do you have siblings named Spinach, Kale, Brussels Sprouts, & Corn?

I'll ask about who your relatives are another time
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