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Danny DeVito as a Ferengi. Would've been AWESOME! Still probable?

How in the wide, wide world of sports did TPTB&B miss that one

Whether playing a Ferengi on TNG, DS9, V'GER, in one of the ST films, or all of those, it wouldn't matter

Danny DeVito is such an obvious must-cast as a Ferengi who'd think TPTB&B would blow that


Here's hoping Trek 11 is a $ma$h Then, in Trek 12 &/or a new Trek series, if J.J. Abrams &/or whoever TPTB are, have Ferengi, they'll have The Golden Opportunity to make up for the huge mistake of not having cast DeVito as a Ferengi in the past

Seriously, makers of STAR TREK

How could you miss, blow THAT?

In addition to Danny DeVito, I think Gene Hackman would make great casting as a Ferengi also

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