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A Semi-Hater Revisits Voyager

Those who know me (ie. nobody) can attest, I am not a big fan of Voyager, it is my least favourite Trek series. The reasons why are simple; it lacked continuity, it had a lot of technobabble and a lot of the characters became incredibly bland. My Trek listing goes like this:


But it has been a long time since I've seen Voyager, in fact it has been over a decade since I saw most of the episodes and when I saw them I would have been in my teens. I realise that my criticisms of Voyager may be unfairly filtered through the eyes of an adolescent, so I have decided to go back and watch Voyager through from beginning to end. I don't know if I will manage to complete the journey, but I'm going to give it a shot. To be honest, I don't even remember most of the episodes in the first three seasons, so this is like watching them for the first time. It's almost like being a Voyager virgin.

Caretaker (****)

This is a good solid start to the show, only surpassed as a show opener by Emissary. Most of the characters come across as interesting, although I thought Chakotay just acted like an empty shirt. I was surprised by how much I liked Neelix in this episode since I generally consider him to be the most obnoxious character in Trek. He managed to walk the fine line between irritating the crew and irritating the audience and I hope he manages to keep it up.

One thing I found odd is the tech-talk when we first see Voyager, especially the focus on the bio-neural gel-packs. It just seemed completely out of place and irrelevant; imagine Scotty speaking a whole load of technobabble to Kirk during the Enterprise fly-by in TMP.

I found the Delta Quadrant interesting, and the Kazon came across as an engaging villain during their first outing. I will confess that I often used to complain that Janeway broke the Prime Directive by destroying the Array and that it was a huge mistake, but seeing the episode made me change my opinion and I now think it was the right thing to do. She could have left some torpedoes on the array with a detonator, but now I'm just nit-picking. It wasn't the perfect way of getting the ship stranded, but it was thought provoking and I can ask for little else from Trek.

So Voyager is off to a good start, hopefully my rewatching can give me a more positive impression of the show.

Season 1
Parallax **1/2
Time and Again**1/2
Phage ****
The Cloud **
Eye of the Needle ****1/2
Ex Post Facto *1/2
Emanations *1/2
Prime Factors ****
State of Flux ****
Heroes and Demons **
Cathexis **
Faces ****
Jetrel ***1/2
Learning Curve *

Season 2
The 37's *1/2
Initiations *1/2
Projections ****
Elogium 1/2
Non Sequitur *1/2
Twisted **
Parturition **1/2
Persistence of Vision ***
Tattoo **1/2
Cold Fire *1/2
Maneuvers ***1/2
Resistance ****
Prototype *1/2
Alliances ***1/2
Threshold *****
Meld ****1/2
Dreadnought **1/2
Deathwish ***
Lifesigns ***
Investigations *
Deadlock **1/2
Innocence *
The Thaw ***1/2
Tuvix *1/2
Resolutions **1/2
Basics, Part 1 ***

Season 3
Basics, Part 2 (**)
Flashback (*)
The Chute (***)
The Swarm (*) (I retroactively deducted half a star from this one.)
False Profits ()
Remember (*) (Which led to an incident that caused my first drunk post.)
Sacred Ground (*)
Future's End, Part 1 (**)
Future's End, Part 2 (**)
Warlord (**)
The Q and the Grey (*)
Macrocosm (*)
Fair Trade (***)
Alter Ego (*)
Coda (0) (The 0 score got some people riled up so I was forced to do what is probably my longest episode review.)
Blood Fever (***)
Unity (****) (Yes, they're the same link but it looks more official this way. )
The Darkling ()
Rise (**) (I know the guy was insulting and totally deserved the actions taken against him, but damn, the Jaespol era was fun. )
Favourite Son (0)
Before and After (***)
Real Life (***)
Distant Origin (****)
Displaced (*)
Worst Case Scenario (**)
Scorpion (*****)
Season 3 Review

Season 4
Scorpion, Part 2 (***)
The Gift (***)
Day of Honour (**)
Nemesis (***) (This episode earned half a star back because I made a u-turn and decided to not deduct points for shuttle losses. I never did bother to incorporate the point deductions in season reviews because the show was having enough trouble keeping its score up.)
Revulsion (**)
The Raven (***) (This explains the origin of the shuttle-o-matic.)
Scientific Method (*)
Year of Hell, Part 1 (****)
Year of Hell, Part 2 (****)
Random Thoughts (*)
Concerning Flight (*)
Mortal Coil (***)
Waking Moments (*)
Message in a Bottle (****)
Hunters (***)
Prey (****)
Retrospect (***)
The Killing Game, Part 1 (*)
The Killing Game, Part 2 (*)
Vis Vis ()
The Omega Directive (**)
Unforgettable (*)
Living Witness (*****)
Demon (*)
One (**)
Hope and Fear (***)
Season 4 Review

Season 5
Night (***)
Drone (**) (That one sure did cause a kerfuffle that lasted for a few pages.)
Extreme Risk (**)
In the Flesh (0) (Post 1701! And then I left.)
Once Upon a Time (***) (Not really.)
Timeless (****) (In no way do I endorse the use of rohypnol as a date-rape drug. Just to be clear.)
Infinite Regress (**)
Nothing Human (*)
Thirty Days (***) (And the show jumped the shark!)
Counterpoint (**)
Latant Image (****)
Bride of Chaotica! (**)
Gravity (**)
Bliss (*)
Dark Frontier (**)
The Disease (**)
Course: Oblivion (**)
The Fight (0)
Think Tank (**)
Juggernaut (**)
Someone to Watch Over Me (***)
11:59 (****)
Relativity (**)
Warhead (**)
Equinox (****)
Season 5 Review

Season 6
Equinox, Part 2 (***)
Survival Instinct (***)
Barge of the Dead (**)
Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy (****)
Alice (*)
Riddles (*)
Dragon's Teeth (***)
One Small Step (**)
The Voyager Conspiracy (*)
Pathfinder (***) (No, that was not the end, it was a poorly targeted joke about Fair Haven that confused everybody.)
Fair Haven (0)
Blink of an Eye (****)
Virtuoso (**)
Memorial (****)
Tsunkatse (**)
Collective (***)
[Dark Images (*)]
Spirit Folk (0)
Ashes to Ashes (*)
Child's Play (***)
Good Shepherd (***)
Live Fast and Prosper (**)
Muse (*)
Fury (*)
Life Line (**)
The Haunting of Deck Twelve (**)
Unimatrix Zero (**)
Season 6 Review

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