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Now I'm thinking of getting the DVD's.
You really should. If father son/fraternal/filial relationships get to you--this is the show for you. This is the show for you and then some. The Petrellis on Heroes? Nothing compared to these two brothers and their issues. I promise you that. One caveat, the first six or seven episodes, while entertaining, aren't up to the par of the rest of the series. The dialogue's pretty "CW" and clunky, but the show really takes off with the episode "Home" (episode 9) in season one. It's pretty much stand alone episodic until that point. That clip was from the first episode of season two, when the series really really took off. Its characters have evolved realistically since then. It's got a great sense of humor and every once in a while it does episodes completely for laughs, which is great.

A few clips to entice you. Hopefully not too spoilerific for all the main points of the series.

From season one's "Hell House" played completely for laughs.
Little brothers are made to be picked on--because they're there

From season one's "Devil's Trap," the same father and son you saw in the clip'll be able to deduce why Dean asked "Is that really you talking?" Heartbreaking stuff. Yes, that is sweet adorable nice dead Denny from the insipid "Grey's Anatomy."

What's wrong with you, dad?

For the last time Sam, no

If this scene doesn't get you, nothing will. From season 3
A Very Supernatural Christmas

And last but not least, from the very ultra serious episode from the ultra stoic and serious mind of Ben Edlund...season's 3's "Bad Day at Black Rock."

I lost my rabbit's foot
I left out anything from season 4 because it's just too good to spoil at all.

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