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Re: BSG ratings rock!

Given that, and the generally abysmal SciFi ratings, getting anything near last season's numbers is a win.

Yes, the way TV is going, just holding decently steady is respectable. It's not really the bad economy that's driving ratings down across the board - this has been a problem for a while now.
Also, we have no idea what BSG (or Caprica) costs to make. Without that number, we can't interpret what ratings actually mean for the ongoing survival of the show or future shows.
Seeing that a show is often downloaded off the internet or is DVRed typically makes marketers look at other time periods and ignore that as a possible choice for ad buys.
They still have the "real" numbers (the Nielsons - sorry folks, those are the only real numbers) to look at. I doubt marketers gvie a shit about bitorrent numbers either for good or ill. It's just an indicator that a show is popular, and means nothing in business terms. And DVR numbers are worth something, because some DVR users watch ads, strange but true. Also, for shows that are based in the real life modern world, DVR numbers can be worth something for product placement value.

ratings were never relevant to BSG's fate. The whole ratings obsession is just weird
They can't be horrible, or the show will get cancelled. As long as they are reasonable, they don't need to rock the house. The show stays alive, Caprica has a shot and we can watch something decent on Skiffy and not idiotic monster movies and comical "reality" shows about ghosts.
Some people like to reward shows that they love as a way of getting studios to produce more shows of that nature.
I wouldn't put much hope on that as a significant factor. The way BSG has stayed alive and Caprica will hopefully stay alive is by going well enough among US-based Nielson households to pay the bills - which means the other part of the equation, keeping costs down, is just as important as those Nielsons.
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