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Re: Are the Cardassians the most interesting Race in the Star Terk Gal

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I'm going to have to disagree with you on the "Fascist vibe" aspect of the Cardassians, I never though it was cool and it seems to be a common failing in Star Trek to have an entire race represent an existing ideology. Let alone for the rather obvious reason that Fascism is deeply unappealing (to say the least).
Dukat did over see the occupation of Bajor which saw the deaths of Millions of Bajorians so any "reforms" that he undertook could not forgive his crimes as the perfect of Bajor.

As for the Vulcans I do not find them very interesting at all. Now, as for their sundered cousins...
Wait - the Cardies are bad but the ROMULANS are ok? As to the Fascist vibe, it's cool to have that element in the show, rather than just being TOLD Race X is bad, to see a race actually paralleling Earth regimes (militarism, secret police): that's a nice touch! And I don't think I said Dukat's reforms or sheltering of some Bajorans "forgave" what he did. It's just that if he's telling the truth when he self-justifies, he actually might have done some good things, compared to what he was ordered to do. I just like that moral ambiguity, which other people have commented on, rather than just "Race-X is bad."
Yeah, I agree with what you have said but I think that having an entire culture represent one particular Human ideology isn't very healthy, I mean look at the Ferengi. Fortunately the Cardassians have outgrown this aspect of their characterization.

I have never argued that the Cardassians are bad, in fact they are one of my favorite fictional races precisely because of their moral ambiguities. And with Dukat I was trying to avoid any accusations of a pro-Dukat bias in my writings which has lead to me misreading your post, for which I apologise. As DS9 fans I think we can all agree that Dukat's capticy for Self delusion is legendary. (The actor who portrayed Dukat seriously thought that Dukat was the real hero of Deep Space Nine)
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