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Re: Of Crossovers and Fictional Universes

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and just because the Montecito casino appears in Heroes, nu Knight Rider and so on, doesn't mean the shhow set there is in that reality. it just means that there's a casino called the Montecito.
yes I gave up on that theory a while back, whats worse is when you add in Star Trek & apparntly Passions.

apparntly Star Trek crossovers over with Team KnightRider at one point, and some of the Las Vegas cast appear on Passions.

TBH I dont mind LasVegas, Passions & Crossing Jordan as characters from Las Vegas actually appeared in the other show, unlike KnightRider & Heroes which was just reusing the set. Actually reuse of the set is forgiveable if they just came up with a new name for the Casiona
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