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Re: Why was Odo such a lousy bush-league shapeshifter?

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The future Odo in "Children of Time" nearly perfected how to imitate a face, although it took a few generations to do so. Odo never really seemed all that interested in perfecting his shapeshifting skills. When he first met his people he seemed almost befuddled at the idea that they would spend hours in the form of rock for the sake of experiencing what its like to be a rock.
He can't do ears, but he can get all the feathers right on a Tarkelian hawk. Weird.
I thought this as well cause we've seen him take on the shape of different types of animals and objects and most of which would have more complex details to them than a humanoid face. Even as a bird he understands the concept enough to even be able to fly as one and still cannot do a face properly.
Perhaps there is a depth-psychology explanation. He inherited the collective unconscious of the Great Link. (CUGL). Therefore, he is subconsciously afraid of exploring solidity (though at the same time strangely attracted to it, thus "can't" do humans. Classic approach-avoidance conundrum. Case closed. You're welcome.

Actually, was the "smooth" look just to hide Rene A.'s age? Brent Spiner was getting pretty old lookin' there at the end, for an android, so maybe the smooth-Odo was just a nuts-n-bolts solution?
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