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Should the USAF take over incompetent NASA?

Well maybe not take over all NASA like Solar science, search for aliens, environment watching satellites, Jupiter probes etc
but maybe the USAF should take over "Manned" space exploration

Taken from the last science and tech thread
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If NASA is funded at it's current levels, we won't get to Mars until the middle of the century...probably a decade <i>after </i>the Chinese.

Here are the Obama rumors
Griffin is gone
Just days after inauguration, it's looking increasingly like President Barack Obama's pick for NASA administrator may fail to launch. Retired Air Force General Jonathan Scott Gration, a former fighter pilot and Obama's buddy, was rumoured to be the new president's first choice to run the space agency.
Latest NASA Administrator Speculation

Political Tensions Hamper Search for NASA Chief, Wall Street Journal

"Disagreements between the White House and some senior Democratic lawmakers have complicated the choice of the next U.S. civilian space chief -- and led to the emergence of a possible compromise candidate. Retired four-star Air Force Gen. Lester L. Lyles is now viewed as new contender to head the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, according to lawmakers and aerospace industry officials. Gen. Lyles once headed the country's missile-defense program and more recently participated in blue-ribbon commissions studying manned space exploration."
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