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Re: Greenwood Talks 'Star Trek XI'

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Excellent article.
When the casting was being formed, I was scarcely aware of who Bruce Greenwood was, much less that he'd become Captain Pike. However, seeing him in photos, and in the trailer, he sends chills down my spine. He has a great authoritative voice, and I think regardless of how well the movie does, his role will be thoroughly enjoyable.

If you want to see Greenwood in action, check out the movie 13 Days. He plays JFK and chronicles the Cuban missile crisis of 1961. We need also to remember that Hunter's Pike was burnt out of being a starship captain and wanted out. Plus, he was closer to Roddenberry's original idea of the captain being based on Horatio Hornblower.

13 Days was an awesome film, probably Greenwood's best work, IMO. He captured the essence of JFK quite nicely. I'm psyched on the notion that he's playing Pike.
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