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Re: February Contest Entry: The Guide

mirandafave wrote: View Post
Like SLWatson I didn't recognise the character but that's probably part of the joy of the challenge remits!

Must say a very effecting story. You use tone and language with such skill to convey an atmosphere and emotion in so little words. Well done.
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!

This main character is someone who in his canon-universe incarnation, also really flew under the radar until he donned his mask...

CeJay wrote: View Post
If you don't win this month's challenge you'll still be able to claim the prize for longest sentences used in a story.

Lucky you they're also very beautiful. As is your entire language. I thought so much of it I decided to read it out loud which I usually never do.

I didn't catch who your protagonist was either and after looking it up I feel quite foolish because I've only just watched that episode a few weeks ago.

Great character, great story.
Thanks...I'm glad you liked it!

And wow...I am honored that you would take the time to read it aloud.

I knew this character would be difficult to spot, but of course his physical description was WAY off from the way you would've seen him for most of the episode he was's intended to match that one still photo.

Still, I tried to play up the imagery of that episode as much as I could: the averted gaze, the extreme reaction to his quasi-empathic perceptions (and specific wish to duck under something), even the part where he veils his face (remember the Kalla-Nohra sufferers and their vigil?). AND the part where his eye for detail is described as a gift of "meticulous exactitude."

(I've done this in other stories, too..."Captives' Ransom" borrowed from "Lower Decks," and "Exits in the Haze" had shades of "Covenant" and "Strange Bedfellows" in it, too.)

Just like AU Dukat (and by extension Sigils and Unions "canon" Dukat) suffers the Cardassian equivalent of bipolar disorder, I thought that Aamin's reactions in THIS story might be another one of those things that could be carried over to the canon character (at least, in my continuity)...instead of being able to become a Guide, where he was in a position to really accomplish something with his gift/curse, it drove him mad.
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