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Re: Are the Cardassians the most interesting Race in the Star Terk Gal

Thor Damar wrote: View Post
I'm going to have to disagree with you on the "Fascist vibe" aspect of the Cardassians, I never though it was cool and it seems to be a common failing in Star Trek to have an entire race represent an existing ideology. Let alone for the rather obvious reason that Fascism is deeply unappealing (to say the least).
Though to their credit, the Cardassians themselves showed a lot more variety and disagreement with said philosophy than any other race. Other than K'ehlyr, for instance, did we ever see a Klingon who thought the whole honor shtick was stupid?

And at least in THEIR case, the monoculture thing made sense--I mean, that was one HELL of an oppressive government they had, more than anything else we ever saw. (Someday, Thor, when you get PM privileges, I should tell you why it is the guys all style their hair least in my own version of events.) But in a lot of the other makes none at all.

Gotham Central wrote: View Post
What's equally interesting about the Cardassians is that they are the ONLY Alpha Quadrant Emprie in which we are shown one of their subject races. Bajor and the occupation have been a big reason why the Cardassians seem much more complex. We've NEVER seen one of the Klingon or Romulan conquered worlds (and we know that they must exist since the Federation is constantly finding inhabited worlds in its own space (plus we saw the Klingons attempt to woo worlds into their camp back in TOS). How much more interesting might the Klingons be if we saw them through the eyes of other races that were incorporated into the Empire.
Why didn't they do that? Because if they went there, then people might actually start questioning the Klingon-Federation alliance! (And well they should have, if you ask me!)
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