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Re: The Borg Kids

I remember being astounded that the kids were thrown away so quickly. later i realized that this is exactly the same mentality which got Kes turfed overboard... Although, if TPTB wanted to get rid of Harry at first because he was less "better" than Kes, and probably just as hard or harder to write for because he's indifferential from a few chords of lumber, then what's up with all the Kim stories flying about willy nilly seasons 4 through 7?

face it, any written Voyager story could have been focussed on a different character with the most minor alterations, that the only real matter being weighed is perceived celebrity... That's right, every Seven story could have been a Neelix story and every Chakotay story could have been a Kim story. play it out in your head for a delightful giggle.

There was a website a couple years back that generated Voyager plots.
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