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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x14: "Blood on the Scales"

Above Average

The reason being is cause I wanted to see Roslin put a bullet to Zarek herself, in the most hurtful way. I did like that Adama put up Gaeta to a firing squad though, very fitting for what he did to Adama.

It felt a little slower in the 2nd half, I think I was expecting bigger things like Tigh taking the bomb for Adama and ending up getting killed.

It was still really good though overall, a nice conclusion to that arc. Now that the quorum is out of the way and Zarek too the President and Lee and Adama are totally in charge and this alliance with the revel Cylons will happen very easily now, which I think is important for their future. Hopefully we can get back to learning more about Earth.

I liked what we saw of the FTL engine, mechanical, me like.

Looks like Galactica is falling apart though, who knows how much more she can take. What if adding on the Cylon FTLs will put even more stress on the ship ripping it apart? Hrmmmmm
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