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Re: Battlestar Galactica 4x14: "Blood on the Scales"


Seriously my only complaint is it went by so fast. It seems that in the end Zarek is truly a villan while Gaeta is just very misguided and miserable. I hope they keep killing off characters at this rate to keep things interesting!

It's been great to see these previous background characters get the focus in Season 4.5 so far. Dualla, Gaeta and Zarek have all come to the forefront and had their stories wrapped up or just ended. I like that.

Seeing Kelly, Gage, the quorum, Narcho, Connor, Laird, Seelix, Racetrack, Jaffee, Skulls, Vereem, etc really helped to put this episode over the top too. Having these secondary "background" characters helps propel BSG way ahead of shows like Voyager since it gives things a sense of realism seeing the same people over instead of random pilots and marines.

On another note the crack in the ship is clearly foreshadowing something to come. Awesome to see the ship fall apart. I only hope it goes down fighting like Pegasus!

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