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Re: The unofficial Rock Band thread.

Three Fratellis tracks were announced today ("Flathead," "Henrietta," and "Creeping Up The Backstairs"). Nothing too exciting, but there's a lot of bitching and moaning on the RB forum about the selection. This past week's DLC was great. I've had fun playing some classic Thin Lizzy.

Can't wait to pick up the coming soon wireless P-Bass. I was holding out with the wired version, but they announced the wireless version before I finally cracked.

As for the mentions of GHWT - I rented it, played it one night, then sent it back. Despite liking a number of the songs that RB doesn't have (including Wings!), I have no interest in playing that again. We have Lips, and it's fairly fun and simple, but their DLC choices have been sucking really hard lately. I still find myself playing RB far more than any of the other music games.
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