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Re: Supernatural spoilers and a poll- no spoiler code used

The thing about Supernatural is that it's at its best when it goes for the unexpected twist.

I see the Battle going down betwixt Heaven & Hell, and I think to myself, is either side in the right?

The Angels are Dicks for the most part, the ESTABLISHMENT who puts down any rebellious faction and doesn't think anything about wiping out an entire city to maintain order (good). Casualties be damned.

The Demons, the original Rebels who feel slighted by the ESTABLISHMENT or just tend to revel in the throes of chaos/anarchy (evil).

Neither side trusts Sam Winchester only because they don't control him. He's a wild card that could upset the "balance"

Both sides have been after Dean, only because they think he can be manipulated to serve their end goals.

I keep thinking that the brothers will be at odds, as they've been pushed by both sides into fulfilling particular roles in the 'Battle'...

But then both sides are going to get a big "F*ck You!" when the Winchester Brothers use their Free Will and turn the tables on both Heaven & Hell.

No matter what, the end of this season should set the stage for a whole new ballgame.
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