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Re: BSG ratings rock!

Actually we can't even really compare it to other BSG performances as it uses Live Plus 7 day results. With the DVR market up to over 22% saturation this year. # years ago when BSG season 2 aired (God I think, stupid delaying ass scifi) that percentage was less then 5%.

THe closest thing you can compare on the network front is the CW network. And their shows audience can be anywhere between 25-40% DVR.

And no 2 million with DVR results isn't good for basic cable. That's not even in the top 20.

Kyle XY is getting cancelled for having live same day results of 1.5 plus million.

Of course some cable outlets have piss poor ratings. Thats why shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men are considered successful (they far outscore other shows on the same cable station).

To truly judge nBSG we would need to see how all of scifi does (including DVR results).

But we do know that reruns of other tv shows and films have nearly tied its live ratings.

Of course, it wont effect the outcome of the show. But those results are what is causing the show to end during its 4th season (and that does piss me off) as I think that quality wise the show could have gone on easily another full season (if not more).
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